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In this Learning Tips page, we would like to share with you about effective reading methods, cognitive and meta-cognitive reading strategies. If you have any good methods or strategies for reading and would like to contribute your ideas or share your reading experience with other users in the Learning Tips page, please send your comments/links to Chen-Hui Tsai. Thank you for your support to the Chinese Reading World.

Helen H. Shen
Associate Professor and Program Director of the Chinese Reading World
The University of Iowa 

Tile: A Web-Based Extensive Reading Program and its Assessment System
Source: Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association, Vol. 45(2), p. 19-47.
Contributors: Helen Shen & Chen-hui Tsai
This paper consists of two parts that introduce a web-based extensive Chinese reading program, the Chinese Reading World, for Chinese as a foreign language (CFL) adult users from beginning to advanced levels. The first part focuses on the design and development of the program, including aspects of the pedagogical goals of the program; reading materials selection, adaptation, and organization; reading comprehension skill and fluency building; and individual reading proficiency assessment. The second part reports the development of the assessment system for the program by using a FileMaker Pro database and the Quia web survey tool to conduct ongoing , long-term, overall assessment and short-term, theme-focused assessment to ensure the overall effectiveness of the program. Suggestions of appropriate use of this program to achieve the maximum effects are briefly discussed.
Title: Ten Top-down Reading StrategiesYou May Use to Improve Your Reading Comprehension
Contributor: Jia Lin (Chinese instructor at University of North Carolina)